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Nature reserve 'De IJzermonding'

A nature reserve with an extraordinary profusion of fauna and flora that cannot be found anywhere else in Belgium, except for the Zwin. The fresh water from the IJzer, the only river in Belgium flowing directly into the North Sea, is mixed up with the salty seawater. Because of the tidal movements a unique area of saltings and mud flats was built, an ideal breeding ground for a rich variety of soil animals such as worms, snails, algae, shells and crustaceans. It is not surprising that all kind of wading birds such as the oystercatcher, the coloured sandpiper and the curlew are scratching together their food at low tide.
The continuous interaction between the salt and fresh water in the IJzer estuary also creates a special biotope characterized by salt loving plants such as salicornia, sea plantain and perennial goosefoot.
Only guided visits are possible.



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