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The "Euro-marina" is downstream the fisherman port. There are three marinas offering approx. 2000 berths. Consequently, Nieuwpoort has the biggest marina of Northern Europe.
The reservoir has a water surface of 3,5 ha and a landing capacity of approx. 450 boats. There are two floating landings and two fixed slips.
The northern port on the right bank of the channel was put into use in 1969. This part is equipped with seven floating landings with a length of 60 m each and one floating landing of 125 m, which means a total landing capacity of approx. 300 boats.
Highlight of the expansion of the marina certainly is the realization of a special dock having an open connection with the channel. This dock, called Novus Portus, has a water surface of at least 12,5 ha and has two fixed slips. Together with 1930 m of floating landings this means a landing capacity of approx. 1200 yachts, i.e. 700 of the VVW (VVW (Vlaamse Vereniging voor Watersport = Flemish Association for water sport) and 500 of the WSKLuM (Watersportkring van de Luchtmacht = Water sport circle of the air force). The KYCN (Koninklijke Yachtclub Nieuwpoort = Royal Yachtclub Nieuwpoort) is situated at the reservoir with its clubhouse at the Kromme Hoek.



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