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The railway track from Diksmuide to Nieuwpoort used to run here, also known as Line 74.
This left and meanwhile torn down railway track has been opened for the public as hiking and bike route since 1983. During the first year one could drive only on the existing ash bed from Nieuwpoort to Diksmuide. When realizing the long distance bike route (LF 1 - North Sea route) part of the route ran along the Frontzate. Because of the great success with the bikers and hikers it was opted for a broader and better coating. The new 'Frontzate' was re-opened just before the summer of 1990.
During the First World War 'de Frontzate' was an important line of defence. During this war, line 74 played an important strategic role, a.o. during the flooding of the IJzer plain, as the railway track functioned as weir. Still during the First World War, small bunkers were built along the railway track. These shelters made of bricks, were dug in the railway slopes. About 70 of them between Pervijze and Nieuwpoort are quiet witnesses of this cruel war.
If you like a bike tour full of nature and history, you will surely feel quite at home here.



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