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The sluices and locks of the Ganzepoot


The sluices of the complex make it possible for the polders to get rid of surplus water, while the locks regulate the level of water for the ships. The doors of these sluices are locked at high water. At low water they are opened to let the surplus flow into the sea. The locks are used for moving ships from one side to the other.

Through the Ganzepoot our port is connected with six different drainages. From north to south these are:

  • The Nieuw Bedelfverlaat: a small watering canal from the polders;
  • Gravensluis (Lock of the Counts): the Nieuwpoort-Plassendale forms the connection to the East coast;
  • Springsas ( Jump sluice): the Nieuwendamme creek is a former, meandering waterway of the Yser and support the watering of the Nieuwlandpolder;
  • Iepersluis (Lock of Ypres): connected to the Yser and the Spaarbekken;
  • Veurne-Ambachtverlaat: water drainage of the Noordvaart and Slijkvaart
  • Veurnesluis (Lock of Veurne): canal Nieuwpoort- Dunkirk